This is my first try at hosting a Wheeler Family website. This for the descendants (and their friends) of Arlene and Issac Wheeler (pictured)   Please be patient we me – I’m still learning. Let me know what you think of this site!


Daddy was from Cloudy Oklahoma and Moma was from Morgantown West Virginia


  1. Arlene

    The famous wheeler look at Roosevelt Lake nothing better than being at the lake with your family and knowing that the famous we look would always be there in the We Are Family

  2. Arlene

    Hi I was asking if anyone in our family knows anything about Grandma Grandpa Great Grandma great grandpa can you guys share some stories please I would like to know more about them thank you

  3. Arlene

    This memory was when I was a little girl at Roosevelt Lake Arizona Memorial weekend my first time on a tube was on cousin Danny’s Boat all by myself Gary and David were on their boat I believe that David was recording it with his camcorder and Gary was driving on the other side and I was on the tube behind a needs boat I had fun that year that was my first time tubing

  4. Arlene

    If anyone was with this Memorial weekend at Roosevelt Lake do you remember when Uncle David or Uncle Donald Brighton watermelon to the lake how they kept it cold tide some bottles onto it and kept it in the water there was one time at Roosevelt Lake that it accidentally got ran over it was pretty funny Gary ran the watermelon over with his boat

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